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Coaches.Badminton Coach Mr.Eric Chuar a founder of ST Badminton Academy Singapore since 2007. As a badminton coach,Eric are mainly focus on teaching badminton basic development for children age between 5 – 14. Some coach might don’t understand how important is the basic skill for their trainee,worst thing the parents can understand. In past few week we have received few parent call in November 2017. Regarding they wanted to change coaches due to the group of badminton coaches not professional enough. We been told that the academy are having 5 – 6 assistant coaches and 1 head coach. Every week his son attached to different assistant coaches teaching drilling in different method done the wrong practice. Eric asked why, do you know what is the correct practice in badminton training ? Parent told that he has proper training before since was young,so he knew. Further he mention the head coach not teaching at all.

Badminton Coach | Student limit in a Class
Every badminton coaches know a limit of maximum can have how many student in one lesson. We as a badminton coaches have to put priority to each student. As anyone of them might be our future star and our proud. If we not able to take good care of their basic learning,just give up. Otherwise will spoil the student becomes more bad habit. In addition,Eric main mission is to let his trainee have more time to learn proper and absorb all the skill in short period. Further, Eric don’t “close one eyes” to pass the time in the training even only 2 hours. Eric strictly want his student learn 100% right thing and right attitude in training. Additionally,Eric don’t because of money and plan to have more assistant coaches to earn more income. So Eric din’t hire any assistant coaches to teach basic badminton development.

As he said that every coaches have different strong point and point of view. Some badminton coaches free quotation can close one eyes some are can’t. So he decided don’t take any assistant coach to prevent his class getting messy.

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